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      CALL US

      (800) 332-4382

      Services & Policies

      Secure Shopping

      SSL Encryption

      At Szul.com, your security and privacy are our utmost concern. We are always working to eliminate any concerns you might have so that you can relax and enjoy your shopping experience.

      Any time you enter your personal data while shopping or checking out of our site, we process the information with secure software technology.

      When you are ready to check out from our site after making a purchase, a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection is invoked to transfer all your sensitive data in a safe and secure way. The SSL encrypts your information, including your name, address, and credit card number so that unauthorized individuals cannot observe, decode, or misuse it as it is transmitted over the Internet.

      Credit card protection

      In the unlikely event that unauthorized use of your credit card is made while you shop at Szul.com, your credit card company limits your liability to $50. Szul.com promises to cover this $50 charge and to help you resolve the problem with your credit card company.

      Should you have any further questions or concerns regarding our security policies, please contact us at customerservice@szul.com.