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      CALL US

      (800) 332-4382

      Services & Policies

      Quality Assurance

      At Szul.com, we demonstrate of our dedication to quality at every stage of production and distribution.

      Internal sourcing and manufacturing

      Szul.com confidently guarantees the quality of our products. We have a unique ability to source fine diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals directly from markets around the world, to manufacture jewelry in-house by seasoned craftsmen, and to bring them directly to you via the Internet. By keeping involved in every aspect of the commercial process, we can maintain strict quality standards.

      Szul.com Certificate of Authenticity

      We stand behind every item that we manufacture and deliver. Each purchase from Szul.com is delivered with our certificate of authenticity to guarantee that your item's quality is equal to what was promised on our web site.

      Holiday Return Policy – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

      If you are not pleased with your purchase from szul.com, we will be happy to exchange items or refund them for purchase price. For more details, please read our return policy.


      Should you have more questions or concerns regarding our merchandise quality and authenticity certification, please contact us at customerservice@szul.com.